First 4‐6 weeks:

This is your highest priority, never sacrifice technique for weight. Begin with longer reps of between 12 and 16 with 2 to 3 sets. Focus on technique you will need to start with light or no weight. When the technique is strong, only then can you begin to increase weight.

When you are able to hold good form at maximal repetitions with the current weight, then it is time to increase your weights. This is a base section of your program and needs to be followed for 3 to 6 weeks.


After 4‐6 weeks add:

I suggest to pick 2 of the lower body exercises that we outline, you choose e.g. squat and legpress. You still continue with endurance of the other exercises but with these pure power exercises, decrease reps and increase weight. Eg. 3 sets of 8 x 3. Hold good form until the last rep. If you do strength training all year, you need to change these exercises. If only for the winter, you can stick to these exercises.


After 6‐10 weeks add:

Speed is in the last phase of the program. This is where you begin to play with speed and tempo of how you do the exercises. This is also where you can implement pliometrics. E.g squats with 5 sec down, 5 sec hold, 5 sec up. Followed by squat jumps to fatigue.

There are many different techniques and exercises you can do. The only thing, I suggest not to do is leg extensions on the machine. As I find it dangerous for the knee and it is a single jointed exercise which is not efficient for cycling.




After every exercise, you will find a small picture of a stretch.

This is a general program
Please understand that I write this as a general program. Depending on your experiences and your body condition, it is essential that you adapt to your own needs. If you have questions, seek out a professional fitness expert to help you. Never work through pain. You are responsible for your body, if it is talking to you, make sure you listen. You must look at the video first to see technique and safety issues.



Please do not work through pain. Listen to your body. There are risks with all exercises. Only you take full responsibility for your own personal safety. Do not take risks beyond your level of experience or strength. Remember form and function must never be sacrificed for power.

Always think about your bike position, how you can transfer the power you make in the gym onto the bike.

Here’s a record sheet for you to take to the gym so you have a copy of the exercises and a place to record repetitions and weight.
You can download it HERE