Healing Retreat Weekend

A long weekend to feel and heal your body, to release, recharge and energize

Join this weekend with osteopath Robyn and yogateacher Lianne van Genugten. We will guide you on a healing journey into your body. You’ll get the opportunity to really feel what’s going on in your body, what you need to become stronger physically and mentally. We offer healing treatments, yoga classes, time in nature, silence, laughter and delicious healthy food. And we’ll give you personal advice so you can start making healthier choices, that work for you personally. This all will help you to recharge and heal on a deeper level.

At any time you decide for yourself what feels good at that moment, you’re free to do what YOU feel like. There are no expectations, all the time is for you to explore what your body is telling you and find out how you can align more with the desires in your body and heart. And if you feel the need to talk, there will be time for a one to one talk, or share your thoughts and emotions in the group if you want.

On Friday afternoon/evening or Saturday morning you’ll get a one-hour treatment from Robyn. She will feel what your body needs most. Your body will get a lot of rest and will have all space and opportunity to reset and release after the treatment. This means that the treatment can heal you on a deeper level and you will experience more free movement, more strength and more trust in your body. The two days after you will get another treatment from 30-45 min from her.

Every morning and afternoon or evening there will be a yoga class, guided by Lianne and adjusted by Robyn. We’ll work out some specific exercises for everyone, related to the outcome of the treatment, so your body will get all the opportunity to heal. We will facilitate a mindful walking class, a meditation and some time in silence. And every day there will be three delicious, healthy meals and all-day healthy snacks for you.

We will give you all space and freedom to explore who you are and how you want to live your life. To be yourself and enjoy the moment. You will experience what this brings you during the weekend and we’ll give you guidance, exercises and tips to integrate this into your daily life.

The weekend starts on Friday afternoon at 16.00h (it’s possible to arrive later, but please come before 19.00h so we can start the program all together). We will leave the house on Monday morning at 10.00h. We advise you to take this Monday off with all time for yourself, because we’ll give you some homework for that day to integrate what you’ve learned into your daily life. Of course this is not obligatory, but very recommended.

The costs for the weekend are €550,- early bird for a double or triple room. If you want a single room, there will be an extra fee of €150,-

(costs for the weekend are € 600,- from September 20.)