As a cyclist your back line ( calfs, hamstrings, glutes, butt muscles, lower back) must be flexible so you can achieve a deep position on the bike, for power and reeducation of pressure in lower back. If you don’t have good flexibility in these areas, you need to stretch them. Therefore, choose a stretch from stretches titled: calf, hamstrings, gluts, lower back.
You don’t have to do all these stretches, just what you are tight in.

Same for the stability exercises; get to know your body, work out where you are not stable then do the stability exercises you need. Test (try this): Stand on one leg and do a small sitting action. If you can’t keep your hips level you need to do one of the exercise with the heading “Hips”. Ok have fun and get to know your body.



Feet Ankles Calves 1

Corrective Program 01 Corrective Program 02
# stand with the balls of your feet balance on edge or step
# Lower your heels towards the floor until full stretch
Down 5 sec
Up 1 sec




Hamstring 2.1


Corrective Program 03 # place heel of foot on chair
# rotate hips forward
# small bent in knee
# flex forwards taking chest towards knee
# keep back straight


Hamstrings 2.2

Push and pull hamstring

Corrective Program 04 Push and pull hamstring

# Place towel around foot
# Pull leg towards head with, small bend in knee, till you reach a full stretch.
# Push against towel (60-70% of power contraction) for 2 sec
# Pull on towel taking hamstring to full stretch
# hold 10 sec and repeat push pull 4 times

Note: try and increase stretch/rang


Hamstrings and Glutes 3

Corrective Program 05 Corrective Program 06
Take 1 leg behind
Turn hips and stretch towards back foot
Hold 10 sec
Breath release stretch by 10%
Then go deeper into stretch repeat 4


Glutes 4.1

Corrective Program 07 Gluts

1) Lie on your back with left leg crossed over your right knee.
2) Pull your right knee towards you until you achieve a full stretch in gluts

Hold 30-45sec


Glutes 4.2

Corrective Program 08 # Left leg in front, knee rotated out bent at 90 deg foot in middle line
# keep back straight
# take upper chest ( not head first) towards kneeHold 10 sec
Breath release stretch by 10%
Then go deeper into stretch repeat 4 times


Quads 5

Corrective Program 09 Corrective Program 10
First take foot to bottom hold
30 sec
Then lung position hold 10 sec
Breath release stretch by 10%
Go deeper into stretch, repeat 4 times


Hip flexor 6.1

Corrective Program 11 # place foot on table
# make sure front foot is far enough forward so when you bend knee it does not track over toe.
# tuck hips forward keeping spine in neutral position
# bend knee until you feel stretch in hipHold 30-45 sec


Hip flexor 6.2

Corrective Program 12 # lie on back
# pull one knee to chest to help keep spine neutral
# allow leg to hang stretching through hip
# you need to hold this 1-2 mins


Lower back 7.1

Corrective Program 13 # lie on Back with legs extended
# Flex one knee, raise it to your chest, grasp’s it with opposites hand
# Pull your Knee across body to the floor
# Keep your elbows shoulders head flat on floor
# look opposite direction to leg being rotatedHold 30-45 sec


Lower back 7.2

Corrective Program 14 # Place hand behind bent knees
#keep your feet flat on ground
#Straight your knees until you feel stretchIn back upper and lower

Hold 30 sec


Front line 8

Corrective Program 15 # sit onto ball
# roll the bottom down ball
# lie back until you achieve a stretch from chest to upper legs
Hold 45sec-1minCaution when coming out of this stretch, contract abdominals, bend knees and slowly roll up ball.


Shoulder 9

Corrective Program 16 Arm on wall
Open up through chest
Twist body away from wall
To increases stretch turn head away from wall


Neck 10

Corrective Program 17 # Place hands in front rounding out through shoulders
# drop chin towards chest
# draw chin back until you feel a stretch in neckCaution: If you feel any pain, do not carry on with this stretch

Hold 30sec



Hip 10.1

Corrective Program 18 Corrective Program 19
1. back into table
2. roll up through hip
3. use glutes to lift hips
4. lift 1 leg make action like on bikeKEEP HIPS STILL

8 extensions L/R rest repeat 3 times


Hip 10.2

Corrective Program 20 Corrective Program 21
1st level
Knee in flexion
Stand tall, hips level, knee track inline w
2 toe, be able to see toes at all times.
10 left
10 right x 2 sets
2nd level
Same as 1 but with leg long
Small correct movements to start with working until full squat
But position and body aliment must be correct


Hip 10.3

Corrective Program 22 Corrective Program 23
Start position stretch hold body
Bend forwards
Squat down 8 times left and right x2
Squat position
Knee must be flexed


Lower back 11.1

Corrective Program 24 Stand tall
Place finger on stomach and draw the muscles away from finger. Hold this for the complete exercise.Keep hips level.

Move leg back forwards and backwards to full range with control of stomach and hips
Stand on

10 left
10 right
10 left x 2 sets


Corrective Program 25 Corrective Program 26
a) think punch in stomach b) stretch poll all the way forwards


Corrective Program 27 Roll up
Knees bent roll away breathe out, keep feet on ground
Sit up hands above head
Work on movement of spine
Stretch up high, back straight


Lower back 11.2

Corrective Program 28 Point LEFT hand AND RIGHT leg, then RIGHT hand LEFT leg

Keep abs lifted slow and controlled movements

6×3 sets stretch back in between stretch


Stomach side 12

Corrective Program 29 Oblique Lift, Aim: control of lower back and provide support to the hips , rib cage and shoulder stability:

1. lie on side with body extend as in photo
2. squeeze glutes and abdominals
3. keeping hip stabile (do not allow hips to roll back or forwards)
4. lift body in one complete unit, hold for 2 sec
5. lower body as one unit almost to ground 6-10 times
6. rest and repeat set 3 times


Stomach 13

Corrective Program 30 On back, HEELS must go towards roof at all times
Lift head, eyes look towards knee
Sit up, breathe in, take shoulder to knee, breathe out
Same on other side
Roll down


Core 14

Corrective Program 31 1. lie on side
2. keep body long
3. lift hips off ground
4. keep shoulder open
5. lift up and down 10 times10x 2 set left and right


Shoulder 15

Corrective Program 32 1. start in push up position
2. extend 1 arm hold 5 second
3. 5 times left
4. 5 times right (swap arms total 10 )