Hi, out there in the sports worlds.

Winter is on its way and I have been thinking about how I can help you become stronger and injury free. My aim is to provide you with guidance of exercises that will help you perform better. Every 3 to 5 weeks, I will post new exercises starting at a easy level, increasing the intensity as we go along. I hope to also post some video as well. All exercises can be done at home, not all of us can afford gym memberships or have time to go to the gym. If you do got to a gym, you can adapt the exercises.

Key Points:
    The aim is get the muscles working correctly to reduce injury and increase power;
  • If you cannot hold form stop, rest and start again;
  • Try and do the exercise in front of a mirror so you can check form;
  • When doing power training, remember that in cycling and running you use one leg at a time. So in the fitness or gym, try 1 legged exercises;
  • In the fitness, try and do some power work, not only in a machine that holds you in position. You want to teach your whole body how to work under load, not just legs. (I will give more ideas about this as you get stronger through the winter).
Happy exercise and keep strong!

Core Exercises Lessons

Lessons starting 13/10/08
Booking essential
6 euro per class
Maximum of 5 people
Every Monday at 19.00 and 20.00
Aim to strengthen core muscles (back, stomach, bottom, and shoulder
I will work on strengthening and stabilizing the body to prevent injury,
increase power.
Program: Warm up, Stability, Power/ endurance, Stretching
Class is between 45-55 min

core exercises featured

Please note you need to bring your own Exercise Mat.

Core Exercises

Winter is coming. Now is the time to think about exercises to help balance and protect the body for when you start to do power training;
Remember to always breath and to stop the exercise if you feel pain.

Breast Stroke
Body long
Forehead on the mat
Lift arms and head off the mat 1-2
cm. KEEP your eyes looking down.
Keep lifts through abdominals.
Draw shoulders back, pull elbows
back 6 times. Imagine you are
doing breast stroke in the pool.
Repeat 3 times
core exercises 1

6 -10 x 3 sets

core exercises 2


1. back into table
2. roll up through hip
3. use gluts to lift hips
4. lift 1 leg make action like on bike
core exercises 4
8 extensions L/R, est, repeat 3 times



Aim: core control to stabilize the hips and lower back.

1. Lie flat on stomach, toes tucked under, elbow at 90 deg directly under shoulders

2. Contract gluts and abdominal muscles

3. Lift the body up in one complete line, do not allow the back to arch or bottom to stick up.
Keep a strong contraction in gluts and abdominals through complete exercise.

4. Aim to be able to hold for 1min. / 3 times. You may need to work up to this so break it down in lots of 15 sec. and build your way up.
core exercises 5

core exercises 6


Oblique Lift:

Aim: control of lower back and provide support to the hips , rib cage and shoulder stability

1. Lie on side with body extended as in photo

2. Squeeze gluts and abdominals

3. Keeping hip stabil (do not allow hips to roll back or forwards)

4. Lift body in one complete unit, hold for 2sec

5. Lower body as one unit almost to ground 6-10 times

6. Rest and repeat set 3 times
core exercises 7


1 2 3…

core exercises 8.1

core exercises 8.2

core exercises 8.3

1. Set body with leg flexed

2. Shoulders and hips to be level at all times through whole rang of movement

3. Make the med glut work 10×2 left/right

Remember to always breath and, if you have pain, stop the exercise.